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Hales Creative Solutions specializes in supporting small businesses and local government agencies in order to help them operate more effectively and efficiently. We approach all of our projects from a data-driven approach. Our time-tested L.O.V.E. process helps up deliver stunning results for our clients. Our team is comprised of the some of the most talented young consultants in the country. We believe in excellence. We believe in you.

Graphic Design

Everything from logo’s and branding to brochures and booklets,   

Web Design

Sleek, modern, responsive websites designed to impress your customers and competition 


Take your business online and sell to the world. We  can help 

Business Support

 Unleash the power of technology on your company and step into the ring of the 21st century


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Creative Services

Whether you are a new business, established business or just a curious entrepreneur, everyone needs a strong identity these days. We can help your company build a strong profile starting with everything from identity work to a powerful website.

Contact us at info@halescreativesolutions.com for samples.

Wed Design

We don’t just build the website for you, we build the website with you. We work with you every single step of the way to ensure every single inch of your layout meets your standards 


From Social media to google analytics and everything inbetween, we will help ensure that your digital presence is robust and fruitful. We will give you the power of the web at your fingertips


From beginning to end, we can help your firm build a strong identity. We handle everything from logo design to annual report creation 



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Creative Services

Web Design

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Mission Oriented Business Solutions

The right use of technology can be a game changer. It can take your organization from good to great!. Whether is digital marketing, social media support or knowledge management support, HCS can work with your organization to push you to greatness.

Digital Marketing

From email marketing to social media trackers,we are a one stop shop for digital marketing. We can help you increase your customer base and exposure easily  

Knowledge Management

Looking to develop some training modules for staff or start a full fledged online university? We can help. Step up your prowess and let us introduce you to the world of online learning  


It’s all about the numbers. From sales projections to employee surveys, our team of data scientist are prepared to dig through your numbers and provide you with the insight needed to take your organization to the next level




Grassroots Government

Grassroots Government is a principle and philosophy that governments are fundamentally more effective and efficient when they are actively engaged with their citizenry; a philosophy that public projects are more successful when governments’ are proactive in building consensus among interested parties rather than being reactive to protests against such projects.
Grassroots Government is not the traditional process of simply holding public meetings and calling it engagement. It is a full scale embrace of social media, grassroots organizing and consensus building in order to promote good governance and win the support of your constituents.

Our team brings a combination of campaign, public relations, marketing and data analysis experience that to ensure the success of your project.


Project branding, Social media strategy, earned and paid media execution  

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder identification, steering committee development, elected official and civic association engagement strategy

Public Outreach

Public meeting planning, information sharing strategy, canvassing operations, grassroots outreach, email database  

Data Analysis

Survey execution and analysis,




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